Monthly section in Ritmo magazine where Andrea González explores the current situation of music management in Spain through interviews with reference music managers in the Spanish music scene.

The protagonists of this section of divulgation are Alfonso Aijón, Jesús Iglesias Noriega, Valentina Granados, Miguel Ángel Marín, Antonio Moral, Joan Matabosch, Miquel Cuenca, Andrés Lacasa, Cristina Scheppelmann, Patrick Alfaya, Llorenç Caballero, Enrique Valverde, Francisco Lorenzo, Violeta Amargant, Oriol Aguilà, Nacho Rodríguez, Edgar Martin, Josep Maria Prat, Raquel Rivera, Pablo Álvarez de Eulate, Ana Mateo, Julia Sánchez, María Dolores Gaitán, Cristóbal Soler, Begoña Lolo, Javier Marín, Oriol Roch, Fhami Alqhai, Javier Menéndez, Luis Cobos, María Antonia Rodríguez, Félix Palomero, Manuel Ventero.

The interviews shed light on the trend and direction in which we are moving in the music field, being very useful information for the public, cultural managers and young musicians in the music industry.