Video created by Andrea González together with flutist Carlos Núñez about 40 Spanish and Portuguese pianists symbolizing the power of music to overcome the geographical borders and social isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic during the year 2020.

The video exceeded 12,000 views on YouTube and brings together for the first time the Iberian musical talent of the piano to convey a message of unity between the two countries. The videos were recorded at home during the confinement and a complex production work was carried out.

It counts with the solidary collaboration of the most outstanding names of the Spanish and Portuguese piano: Spanish pianists Jaun Pérez Floristán, Rosa Torres-Pardo, Alberto Urroz, Antonio Galera, Antonio Ortiz, Cristina Rodríguez, Daniel del Pino, Daniel Ligorio, Daniel Pereira, Eduardo Fernández, Enrique Bagaría, Jorge Nava, Juan Carlos Fernández Nieto, Juan Lago, Katia Michel, Luis del Valle, Mario Prisuelos, Marta Zabaleta, Miguel Ituarte, Noelia Rodiles, Paula Ríos, Víctor del Valle and Andrea González; and the Portuguese pianists Miguel Borges Coelho, Ana Queirós, António Oliveira, Bernardo Santos, Daniel Cunha, Inês Andrade, Inês Filipe, João Bettencourt, Luis Costa, Luis Duarte, Marta Menezes, Miguel Campinho, Paulo Oliveira, Philippe Marques, Sofia Lourenço and Vasco Dantas.